Why We Created This Album

Why We Created This Album


It really is true what people say about music – it is the food of life!
Our debut album ‘Elevate’ provided us with the vitality that we had been missing all this time. A musical journey and collaboration that pushed the boundaries of our own creative abilities. “We can’t live without food and water, nor can we live without words and music” say the duo.

Like all musicians we had things we wanted to express through our art, messages that could only be communicated through the composition of words and music. We felt there are no such things as failures in life – just experiences, and therefore we wanted to share those experiences with others through this album. The songs are not just about us, but everyday normal folk that go through life’s aches and pains in the attempt to better their situations.

“We feel our best music is yet to come even though the first album has been an epic kick-start and we are both proud of the outcome.” The music itself has not been designed……it has been created. “We didn’t stick to a template or preconceived idea, instead we just let it flow and what came out, came out.”

We want people to listen to this album and make their own judgements about how it makes them feel. The musical influences have come from many different genres and there will be something for everyone on ‘Elevate.’

Some people listen to music, others perform music, some people dance to music and others teach it – we are the type people that like to create it! However you relate to music, it is a bug that provides pleasure, euphoria and therapy all in one.