ToH Four Track EP

ToH Four Track EP

After writing the debut album ‘Elevate’ it was essential to get some feedback on the material. As always the first port of call are friends and family as they are always very supportive and complimentary. This is a great confidence booster, but we also needed to hear the harsh truths from industry insiders to steer the project in the right direction – people who were going to be frank and honest at the same time. We wanted to know if there were commercial possibilities in the project, or should we simply keep this as a part time enjoyable hobby.

On Sunday 5th February 2017 a listening party was organised between Tears of Happiness and half a dozen music industry heavyweights. What a nerve wrecking experience! We all huddle into the cosy studio space and listened to a dozen tracks. Our audience did not give anything away and they were virtually silent throughout the whole session. Occasionally they made some notes as if to critique the arrangements and what could add production value. No smiles, nods or high-fives were offered between them, the complete opposite of how musicians would engage. The session came to a close and there was dead silence!!!  Then… the head honcho turns to us and says “It’s f**king brilliant.” There were smiles all round and a couple of manly hugs.


It was agreed that we had plenty of good material to collate an album, but which 4 tracks would make up the initial EP to launch Tears of Happiness. Three of the most danceable tracks were picked first; Close to you; Elevate; and Lose this feeling. The fourth track however ignited a heated debate between the music bigwigs, we just sat back and thought “this is a good problem to have.” A decision had to be made between ‘Take me forever’ and ‘Think you know me.’ These guys went round in circles for about an hour and listened to these two tracks over and over again until finally a decision was made to go for the slower tempo ‘Think you know me’.


So the final track for the EP was decided on the basis that it was the more moving experience that most people on the planet could relate to. The song is about people who prejudge other people from the outside and not on the content or value of their heart, soul or mind.

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