How Tears Of Happiness Was Founded 

How It All Began

Relationship break ups are never easy and singer songwriter Me’da experienced the same pain and trauma like most of us. But instead of lying on his bed in a darkened room he took to the vocal booth in LCamz Studio and poured his heart out into the mic!

Me’da never set out to form an act, record an album or get signed to SHUSH Management… his real interest was to channel the emotions of his traumatic break up into something positive – MUSIC.

The first song recorded was “Lose this feeling” a track about losing your way in a relationship and a definite decision to redeem yourself and become the person you were born to be – not a compromised hybrid of another person. The results were impressive and instantly a type of electronic dance music emerged around powerful lyrics. Producer LCamz was also impressed with the results and really enjoyed this new collaboration and initial session. For Me’da, each session was emotional therapy and repair. After each session a mixture of both happiness and sadness seemed to well up.

On the second single “Elevate” as the title suggests, emotions were turning around and things were on the up. A productive working relationship was established and the style of music emerged. To add to the fact the collaboration was working well, so too was their friendship. It was obvious from ‘Elevate’ that this was transforming into a project and no longer a place of purely emotional trauma. Instead, the tears and sadness were turning into ‘Tears of Happiness’ and the project was unofficially launched.

After each session the two would be messaging each other saying how impressed they were with the direction of the music and how much joy it brought to them. ‘Take me forever’ the third recording underpinned their initial gut reactions of how this project would continue to improve. “The music is talking to me and in return I am replying lyrically” says Me’da, and then LCamz replied “Our best music is yet to come bro.”

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